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General Questions
1. Please acknowledge that you understand that as a surrogate you must agree to maintain permanent residence in your current state until after delivery of the child/children.* Yes No
2. Do you receive any type of public assistance (welfare/food stamps /WIC/MediCal)?* Yes No
3. I have given birth to a child that I am currently raising in my own home. Please note that this is required in order to become a surrogate.* Yes No
4. Are you an experienced surrogate (have you been a surrogate before?)* Yes No
5. Are you currently nursing?* Yes No
6. Do you have a valid driver’s license, reliable car and car insurance?* Yes No
7. Do you and your partner understand that you must abstain from sexual intercourse during the IVF phase of the process (A period of 2-4 weeks)?*
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8. Have you been arrested over the age of 18?* Yes No
9. Has your partner been arrested over the age of 18?* Yes No
10. Do you currently smoke?* Yes No
11. Have you or your partner ever received treatment for depression?* Yes No
12. Have you ever had an eating disorder?* Yes No
13. Do you currently use recreational drugs (i.e. marijuana, cocaine, etc)?*
*Please note that you will be drug tested at your medical evaluation.
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14. Have you ever received treatment for drug/alcohol abuse?*
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